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Mooring & storage (overall length)

Mooring on Quay
£170 per metre per year for up-front payment

Yard Storage
£11 per metre per month

Covered storage in shed
£21 per metre per month

Mast storage

£2 per metre per month in shed

£1 per metre per month in yard

Electricity supply

£10 per month if not metered

All booked moorings and storage are subject to one month's deposit and are then invoiced monthly.



boat repairs

Labour rate – yard or away


Per person labour

£45 per hr

Transport charge

£20 per hour per vehicle

Accomodation charge by arrangement.

Boat recovery and towing


Towboat and pilot

£85 per hr

Assistant if required

additional £45 per hr


PEASE NOTE - All prices are +VAT



Lift out crane

Lift-in / lift-out charges (overall length)


Craneage per lift-out or launch

£145 per lift (up to 12 m)

Lift-out, hang in slings, and power wash off or inspect hull (1 hour), then re-launch

£225 (to 12 m)

Additional hours £45 per hour


Miscellaneous charges


Pressure wash

£45 per hour


Misc expenses away

£35 per person per day

Water charge